Is it really that easy (Video)

Is it really THAT easy? 

When looking at a product demonstration at a stall they always make it look so easy, don’t they?

You always look for that magical moment when something great happens. Most of us loves magical moments and by purchasing that item we intend to recreate that moment.

But do we? No magic happens if you do not unwrap the item …. read the instructions … and actually USE the item. Buying the same item next time you see it, without using the previous one you bought, will also not make the magic appear!

A Silkscreen stencil is one of those items. The magic is in the way the design comes out without there being any noticeable holes in the stencil. The secret is that instead of large cut out holes that cause bridges and bleeding, a silkscreen stencil has hundreds of tiny holes that allow the paint to go through and create a detailed design without any smudges.

That being said: smudges can happen, and will, even “the professionals” has the occasional smudge.

This should only happen if your paint is too runny or too much, if you press too hard or if your surface is uneven. We have put a little video together of the basics of using a silkscreen stencil.

There is also an embarrassing moment where I purposefully try to smudge it but it did not work, eeeek.

Please feel free to comment on the video or ask questions, let’s make some magic!

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