One stencil, unlimited possibilities!

Not only is it very easy to use, but your prints will look professional!
Silkscreen stencils is the ideal tool to help you achieve crisp, detailed prints without bleeding and protruding pieces of plastic.
It is made from a durable mesh and light sensitive emulsion, and the design is exposed onto the stencil rather than cutting it out. Therefore it requires no bridges and weeding, and renders fine detailed designs. Paint application is within seconds and no excess paint is wasted.
The thin material makes it suitable for using flat or around cylindrical shapes, all that is needed is a thick “paint” that is suitable for the surface you will be working on.
One stencil can be used multiple times before washing, drying and re-using. The lifespan is only dependent on how well it is cared for when washing and drying.
Ideal for homemakers, surface designers, short production runs on wood, paper, textiles etc.