Acrylic & Chalk Paint

As a general rule, the thicker the paint used the better the results will be. Find a paint with a low water content. Not all makes of paints are the same, so experiment with what works for you.  Acrylic and Chalk Paints work well with most surfaces. Not all acrylic paints work great, and not all chalk paints are easy to work with.

MDF, Hessian, Calico, Clay, Blackboard, Cork, Metal, Air Drying Clay

Plywood, Stencils Layered

Wood, Assorted Colours

Cardboard, Acetate, Clay and Vilt

Polymer Clay

Raw Cement

Cement and Polistyrene

Raw Wood, Plywood, Woodchips

Pewter, Painted Areas Embossed

Chalk Painted Wood Letter

Glazed Tile (Temporary, Not Sealed)

Assorted Blocks (Canvas, Cork, Tin, Supawood, Blackboard, Wood & Glass

Puff Paint

Puff Paint works really well on MDF, Textile as well as furniture






Textile Ink

Textile inks works well with Babygrows, T-Shirts, Multi Colours, Linen, Calico and Acrylic on Leather!


T-Shirts & Multicolours

Linen, Calico and Acrylic on Leather


Clay (Bisque or Greenware)

T-Shirts & Multicolours

Food Colouring & Royal Icing

Sugar Cookies Background, Airbrushed Food Colouring, Front, Royal Icing With Brush

Fabric Paint

Table Linen, Outline Stencil and Colour Painted by hand