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How to use your SilkScreen Stencil:

SilkScreen Stencil
Smooth, flat surface
Appropriate paint
Paint applicator

1. Hold stencil firmly in position. Scoop paint onto applicator and wipe paint over the stencil at a 45 degree angle.

2. Once you have covered the full image, scrape off excess paint and gently lift stencil. Place into position for the next print. Take extra paint if needed and repeat.

3. Continue until done or if it feels as if the paint is getting dry on stencil. If the paint dries on the transparent parts of the stencil it will not wash out and the stencil will be damaged.

4. Immediately wash stencil under tap water and wipe clean with a kitchen sponge. Dab off excess water with paper towel and let the stencil dry flat on a clean kitchen towel. Use again when completely dry.



  • Ensure there is good contact between the stencil and painting surface.
  • Do not go over stencil too many times – once or twice is sufficient.
  • Do not use runny paint.
  • You may enlarge the painting area of the stencil by sticking masking tape around the edges.
  • Over time pinholes may appear. Simply cover them with nail varnish.
  • Wash the stencil before paint dries into transparant parts.
  • Do not crease or fold the stencil.
  • Do not let wet stencils dry against each other.
  • You may use both sides of stencil, washing and drying it between alternating sides.

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